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Thread: Microstik RTF

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    Microstik RTF

    I am a not so coordinated flyer and usually fly Electric gliders.

    But could not resist the Micro Stik.

    Both throttle and rudder control are very sensitive so I would like to shift the rudder to the left stick.


    And as throttle increase leads to too aggressive climb for me, I would like to decrease the wing angle of attack.
    While the wing seems secured to the vertical post by grub-screws, undoing the screws still does not release the wing, and I dont want to break things?



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    Re: Microstik RTF

    There is not an easy way to move the rudder over to the left stick. On the wing, once you pull the screws, you can pull the wings right off of the carbon fiber posts and adjust the angle to your liking.

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