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Thread: need some help with an erc motor

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    need some help with an erc motor

    Hey, I just bought an eRC motor and I'm confused over the setup. I've never setup a motor before and there are no instructions and just a bunch of random pieces.

    I thought I had the general idea, but then I noticed the shaft and the mounting holes are on the same side with the wires. All the motors I have seen, including the eRC motors in the ESC troubleshoot video, are the other way around. Am I supposed to move the shaft forward? While typing this, I just looked at it and noticed two hex heads that are probably holding the shaft in place, so I am guessing I can unscrew those and move it forward? What do I do after that? There is a collet, a collar, a washer, a nut, and a nose cone.

    Thanks in advance for the help. May I recommend posting some quick, downloadable instructions on the motor page? I'm sure I'm not the only one confused.

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    Re: need some help with an erc motor

    Pretty much if you want to mount the motor in the opposite direction as it comes, you need to loosen the two set screws, remove the C clip, use a hammer and tap the shaft through the other side, then tighten down the two set screws. You will not need the C clip at this point as the thrust is pulling the motor together. The normal way, the thrust is trying to pull the motor can off, so the C clip is required to keep that from happening.


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    Re: need some help with an erc motor

    A couple more questions. I've been searching for information about reversing the shaft and a lot of the guides recommend removing the bell. Is this necessary? Also, will it be necessary to make a new groove or anything? As in, is all I have to do is knock the shaft through enough to mount all the hardware? One last question, is there any particular reason why the larger eRC motors come with the shaft and the plastic X piece on the same side? My friend has a smaller one and it is the opposite of what I have, and all the motors I was looking out are the opposite too.


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    Re: need some help with an erc motor

    No need to cut a new grove or take the bell off. Just use a hammer and tap the shaft through, then tighten up the two set screws and you'll be ready to go.

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