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Thread: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

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    Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    I have finished and flown my Telemaster Sr. kit. Had a lot of fun building it and have about 6 flights on it so far. It flies beautifully when the motor is running and will even hold a knife edge. (I added some additional rudder area). I balanced the plane at the recommended place - the main wing spar.
    When I cut the power off and glide in for a landing the plane seems to behave a bit nose heavy and drifts down at a steeper angle than I would expect -but when I add in some up elevator to keep it gliding the way I think it should it still behaves very well.

    I added 3 ounces of weight to the tail and moved the balance point rearward almost 2 inches behind the recommended point. The plane still flies nicely but still behaves somewhat nose heavy with the power off.

    Is this what I should expect with the Telemaster Sr. kit? I can handle it OK but I wasn't expecting to have to use up elevator to keep the plane in a nice glide with power off.

    Any comments from other builders would be appreciated.


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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    One of the nice things about the Tele is the super side CG range. Keep playing with it and move it back some more until you like where it is. Another option is to add an throttle to elevator mix that will apply up elevator when the throttle stick is lowered.

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    So is the behavior I am seeing "normal" for this plane?

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    Not exactly. More of a natural characteristic of most planes. It's a fine balance of thrust line, CG, and incidence on the wings and tails. So in your case it sounds like you need to add some down thrust to the motor. That will require you to trim the tail up some under power and will likely be closer to the trim setting for power off flight. Most planes tend to dive when the power is removed though. Trim is different at different speeds. So when the airplane is flying under power and is trimmed for that speed, it will dive to increase the speed to match the when the power was on.


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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    Thanks, you have opened my eyes a bit. I didn't think about the motor down thrust entering into this (silly me). I will go out and fly some more and do some more experimenting. I am having a blast with the Telemaster Sr.

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    Glad you like it. It can do just about anything you want, lazy flying, sport flying, heavy lifting, camera platform, or whatever your imagination can think of. I built the Micro kit recently and have had a blast flying it lately.

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    A while back I built the micro kit too - and put floats on it. What fun!!

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Flight Characteristics

    Thought you might dig this. My Sr setup for brush. FS91 with a 15x6 graupner 3-blade. Idle at 900....WOT 5400. No flaps....all pilot.

    My son was flying as the sun went down and he kept coming in closer and closer till he was doing 8's around our heads. Whipped out my phone. Sorry for the poor was a quicky. Turn volume up to hear throttle control. We could have been in a gymnasium. Enjoy:D

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