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Thread: New Prop for J-5

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    New Prop for J-5

    I ruined my prop :D . Actually it seems to me that they are made out of (cheeper) plastic. Is there a fiberglass/carbon prop available for the J-5?

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    The replacement props are only $1.25. You can see them here ... 5_prd1.htm

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    Thanks Jason
    but this is too funny, I ordered already the "official" spare part prop Erc2215 for I think $3 or $4/each.
    No I was looking for something more quality, like a fiberglass or carbon prop.
    BTW I figured out all by myself (googeld and found a formula) the correct mesurement/size for the prop. :geek:

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    Ah, sounds good. APC props are stiffer, but they don't make them with the 3mm hole like the J-5 prop. You really need that GWS style prop to fit on the motor shaft properly.

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    Sorry you confused me. I ordered the ERC2215 part. Is this an APC prop? What is the differece between the prop you're suggesting ($1.25) and the ERC2215 prop for $3/4. Why is there is price difference anyway?
    Also I ordered it with UPS 2nd air and paid $22 for it, but now it shows my order in progress since TWO day. Order date was March 11, today is 13th and that prop is not shipped yet. Don't you handle order with faster shipping choosen with a high priority?

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    Hi, One of those comes from the factory, I'm not sure where they got the other props from, probably an old plane that had the same size and type of props as spares and they are offering it super cheap. Give our sales people a call today so we can sort out what happened with your order. Normally, anything ordered by 3PM ships out the same day. They have been keeping up pretty good with that as far as I can tell. I know sometimes an order can get help up because of billing information being different than shipping (fraud prevention), so I would call and speak to someone here to get it resolved.

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    Jason, I'm sorry, it is me again. I'm totally disapointed in Hobby Lobby. I try to call this morning nd after 10 minutes on hold I decided to hang up, this is by no means customer service. Since we spend winter in a warmer area than home we have to go thru this scrutiny every time? I made a note in my order to let them know shipping and billing address isn't the same. It happened to me already when I ordered the plane initatally. Nothing informtion from you, I had to call in (10 minutes on hold) to find out what is going on. Then your salesman told me about your "fraud" pervention. This might be ok, but NOT for repeat customers. I own a businerss by myself and this behavior in not satisfying. I'm going to order a prop from amazon or somwhere else. I regret having ordered that J-5. And I had alraedy a couple of planes in my waitlist. Sorry!

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    Re: New Prop for J-5

    Man, sorry to hear about that experience. I'm not sure what happened, we track our calls and only have a few missed calls today, meaning our sales people were able to keep up with the volume pretty well. We do get hit with fraud orders and when someone places an order with a different billing address than their shipping address, that is a big red flag. This is to protect the card holder and we have caught several fraud orders using this method. It is not a problem for legitimate orders, we contact the card holder and usually there are no delays. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with us. It's not how we do business and I'd like to make it up to you. Send me an email to and we'll work something out.

    Jason Cole

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