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Thread: correcting wing bow Telemaster 40 deluxe

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    correcting wing bow Telemaster 40 deluxe

    hey guys

    I'm about half-way done building the Left wing of Telemaster 40 deluxe.
    Just glued the top spar flange SPF-T and getting ready to glue trailing edge
    top sheeting.

    I realized that the table I'm working on is bowed (and here I thought I have a really nice table).
    Basically, this table bow transferred into the bow of the wing. I get about 1.5 mm sag in the center of the wing.
    Obviosuly I will now move to a flat table. Not sure if gluing of the top and bottom sheeting are going to correct
    it once they are glued on.

    What are my options? How big of a problem is it?
    Can this be corrected later on when applying the covering?


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    Re: correcting wing bow Telemaster 40 deluxe

    My opinion is if you can flex the wing to remove the small amount of bow on a perfectly flat surface and get edges glued and sheeting in place you should be fine as long as the sheeting is strong enough to hold it flat.

    You may try some CA dissolving solution to remove the top spar (assuming you used CA)

    Good luck.

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