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Thread: Help, screws are too short!

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    Help, screws are too short!

    Sent you an email yesterday didn't get any answers yet:

    I purchased the Piper J-5 recently and put it together. I found that the rudders are not attachable as shown in the manual because the two long screws included, holding the rudders and the tailwheel together, are not long enough. The screws need to be about 2mm longer. :cry:

    I checked several times, my rudders are in the correct position, but the screw doesn't reach
    its counterpart the plastic plate which is glued to the horizontal rudder.

    Please advise, thank you.

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    Re: Help, screws are too short!

    Those should be the same screws we are using. Try compressing the foam some and push the screw harder to make it reach. It should fit.

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    Re: Help, screws are too short!


    Thnak you for your tip, however it didn't work. We had to go to an ACE hardware store to get a 2,5" long wood screw, which would work then. I noticed that the red plastic base of the whole vertical rudder is bent slightly, therefore I'm not able to screw the tail on like it suppose to be. I still have a little gap, if I turn the screw it just sinks in into the foam on the belly of the plane. :cry:
    Also all the clevices needed to be adjusted by several turns, so I don't know if somebody was messing with that plane already. :roll:
    I'm trying to upload a pic I shot but so far it's not working. :shock:

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    Re: Help, screws are too short!

    You should be able to get that vertical stabilizer to sit down properly, it may take some bending of that plastic part though. On the clevis's, that's normal for just about every airplane. They are usually not adjusted perfectly from the factory, but are just attached and final adjustment is a step the user does as part of the pre-flight checks. Sounds like you're almost ready to fly.

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