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Thread: Samurai

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    Jason, when will the Samurai be back in stock. I should have ordered it when I first decided that I wanted it. I have all ready ordered the batteries and the servos, now all I need is the Samurai. Thanks, Tim

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    Re: Samurai

    These should be back in here by April. Takes a long time to make them and get them shipped over here.

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    Re: Samurai

    Jason, any news about when the Samurai will be back in stock? I am ready to order one. Thanks for any info on this. Tim

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    Re: Samurai

    Not sure when the order is due at this time.

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    Samurai setup

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Cole View Post
    Not sure when the order is due at this time.
    Jason, I finally got my Samuria, now tell me how you set up the flaps and crow with throttle on the left stick. I have been looking on web about this and lots of people are using a switch to turn off motor on left stick and turn on prop crow. I don't really like this as I fly at some small fields and might need some motor to stretch a final approach. I think I want to put crow on a slider on my A9 tx. How are you doing this and is working good for you. Thanks, Tim

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    Hey Tim,
    Not real sure how to do on that transmitter. I don't have crow mixed in on mine. I just have a 3 position flap switch setup and set the flaps for what I need. I have full flaps for landing and a few degrees of flap in the middle position to add some lift when trying to thermal. Don't know if that helps you are not.

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