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Thread: Customer service?

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    Customer service?

    Well, I traveled 80 miles one way (180 miles round trip---gas is not cheap) to get a F-86 edf jet today. I asked to get one and was told that I could not get it due to the inventory that was going to occur on Monday. What I don't understand is why I could not pick this jet up today, I realize that inventorys are important but customers that are there trying to purchase items are being told that they cannot have it because of the inventory that starts on Monday.

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    Re: Customer service?

    Hi There,
    I'm sorry about that. We only do this once a year and the inventory in the back was frozen in the system for the count. There was no way to get that processed. I'd be happy to ship one to you with free shipping if that helps. Let me know.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Customer service?

    That sounds good. I will probably try to order the F-86 Jolly Roger edf this wednesday or thursday.

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    Re: Customer service?

    Cool, you're going to like that plane too!

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    Re: Customer service?

    I am getting the F-86 to replace my really worn F-86 that I got 2 years ago from HL, it still flies well but it is showing its age and the fan is a little noisier than it used to be! :D

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    Re: Customer service?

    Nice! I can't wait for spring to hit so I can go fly some more of these.

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    Re: Customer service?

    Got my F-86 the other I have to wait for some decent weather for its first flight!!!

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