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Thread: SuperCub Lipo upgrade?

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    SuperCub Lipo upgrade?

    Hello HobbyLobby!
    So I have one of the older model SuperCubs that has the Nimh battery (800mah I think). Its been in storage for a while, and I got it back out recently to let a buddy try it out. He's captivated by the EDF jets and I told him I'd let him use my SuperCub to get an idea of whats involved in rc flight. Well, the battery seems to be on the way out and won't hold a charge for very long at all. The power delivered to the motor isn't at all what it used to be and flight times have diminished quite a bit. The battery looses its charge so fast that it really only makes sense to charge it right before you fly. I'd like to upgrade to a Lipo battery and reciever so I can charge it and put it away until I'm ready to fly. My question is what I would need to make that happen if it even makes sense to do it at all. I looked up the specs on the new LP version (the blue one) with the Lipo, and I think it has the same 480 motor, but I could be wrong about that. I looked through the spare parts list and didn't see anything listed for a reciever/speed control. I'm basically looking to use the existing airframe, servos, and hopefully motor, and replace the battery/reciever/esc to be 2.4ghz Lipo. Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be the best way to go about doing that? Or would the time/money involved make more sense to just buy the new version? Like to try out the floats too. That looks like a lot of fun. Never taken off/landed from water. Thanks for your time, attention, and any input. Fly low and fast, but watch the deck!

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    Re: SuperCub Lipo upgrade?

    Hey there,
    The existing gear would work for the most part. The only thing I wouldn't know is if the old ESC would cut off the Lipo at the correct voltage. So all you would need is the ESC and Lipo from the new plane and a 2.4 radio of your choice. Hope that helps.

    Jason Cole

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