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Thread: Telemaster 40 Deluxe.....incomplete manual?

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    Telemaster 40 Deluxe.....incomplete manual?

    While I'm a seasoned builder of over 30 years I have enjoyed building this Telemaster Deluxe kit. However I noticed that the manual just stops after building the flaps. It would seem that since this kit is advertised as a beginner kit the "FINAL ASSEMBLY" and some setup photos section is missing for the new builder. I know there are diagrams of the pushrods on the planes to make that an easy build and connect but assembling the tail section, installing radio gear and pushrods...esc...fuel proofing.. (if going glow)..installing the battery velcro and/or straps...esc...tank etc etc (my kit did not come with pushrods by the way though it says it does...I'm using the arf hardware kit though so non biggie for me)

    Anyway I would suggest looking to add a few pages to the manual to help the beginner along.

    One suggestion for a change to make to the kit is to take the part "WS" (windshield) and either make it from hard balsa stock or cut it shorter and laminate a plywood cap. During construction there is a need to turn the fuse upside down and it rest on the soft balsa WS and crushes it. I'm laminating mine with a piece of hard balsa scrap or lite ply.

    As for the laser cutting....I never want to build a die crush kit again! :)


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    Re: Telemaster 40 Deluxe.....incomplete manual?

    Hey there,
    Thanks for the feedback. We agree and will put together some videos to help with the final assembly steps. Glad you like it. I just finished the Micro Kit myself and had a blast putting it together. Laser Cut is the way to go!

    Jason Cole

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