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Thread: First radio control project

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    First radio control project

    I want to radio control a 12 v motor, simple movements, fwd and reverse, slow to fast. Can someone give me a list of parts I will need to do this? I have no clue right know its hard wired which limits mobility
    I know this may sound simple to most of you, but I have no knowledge of how to do this and would appreciate any input, it would be even more helpful if I could get all the stuff I need at our local Hobby Lobby store.

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    Re: First radio control project

    Unless you live near Nashville, TN the local Hobby Lobby will be the craft store chain and they do not carry parts for radio controlled products.

    With a brushed motor like that, you'll need a brushed motor controller like this ... 1_prd1.htm

    You'll also need a radio system like this ... 8_prd1.htm

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    Re: First radio control project

    Thanks for replying so fast, sounds fairly simple, is the waterproof controller like a receiver? I mean if I get it and the other item you listed, is that all I need? Or do i need a receiver also? And no worries on the store I will order online from Hobby Lobby

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    Re: First radio control project

    That is the speed controller. It plugs into the receiver that is included with the transmitter. The speed controller also connects to the motor. When you move the trigger on the transmitter it sends a signal to the receiver which sends a signal to the speed control which tells the motor how fast to spin. You'll have complete variable motor control from off to full throttle.

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    Re: First radio control project

    Again thank you, if I had finished reading the info before asking I would have seen the answer, thanks again, will drop you a line and let you know how it work out

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