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Thread: New eRC B-17 Bomber

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    New eRC B-17 Bomber

    B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" EPO ARF ... 0_prd1.htm

    63" (1600mm) wingspan, 46" (1170mm) long, 507 sq. in. wing area, 2350g flying weight. Beautifully pre-painted and decorated in the color scheme of one of the most famous B-17's of WWII. A member of the 8th Air Force, 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron, Nine-O-Nine flew its missions out or England and into Germany. Our aircraft depicts Nine-O-Nine at the end of the war with the markings showing that this amazing warhorse had completed 140 bombing missions all without a casualty to a crewmember.

    The model is highly pre-fabricated, it only requires a few hours of assembly and you are ready to fly. Photo illustrated instructions guide you through each step and complete information on control throws and center of gravity are provided. The airplane includes 4-1350Kv brushless motors, 4-30A ESC's with finned heatsinks, counter rotating propellers, electronic servoless retracts and split flaps. The airplane has much more than scale power and can be flown around in an extremely non-scale fashion. With some throttle management the airplane can be flown in a scale manner and with 2-2200 11.1V batteries (not included) flight times can easily exceed 10 minutes. The split flaps are very effective and really slow the model down for beautiful landings. The wheels are large enough and the suspension robust enough for easy grass field flying. We highly recommend the use of an external BEC like the ERCBEC6 with this aircraft rather than using the BEC circuits of the 30A ESC's.

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    Re: New eRC B-17 Bomber

    What a beautiful says 2 batterys...are they in series or parallel??

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    Re: New eRC B-17 Bomber

    Kind of paralleled. One pack supplies power to the Two outboard ESC's and the other battery supplies power to the two inward ESC's.

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    YouTube B17

    Check out 909 GoPro video on YouTube PAA2FLY

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    Can you post the link here?

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    B17 Youtube

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    Great Video

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Cole View Post
    Can you post the link here?

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    FMS P38 Video

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