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Thread: Airframe Only F15 Eagle Desert Camo Kit

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    Airframe Only F15 Eagle Desert Camo Kit

    A few years ago I bought an F-15 Eagle kit that just included the air frame only (the side of the box shows FW015DBE Airframe Only F15 Eagle Desert Camo). The year prior to that I purchased a Pitts Biplane for my son that proved to be too difficult for him to fly and on the first flight it was broken beyond repair.

    I was hoping to use the motor and parts (servos) from the Biplane to enable the F-15 to fly. When we got the kit the instructions were practically useless as it did not give detail on how to mount an engine or the servos to make the plane fly. It simply showed how to assemble what came in the kit which is pretty much common sense anyway.

    Anyway, because it was so confusing the plane went back in its box and has been shelved ever since; a sad waist of money! I know my son would enjoy this hobby if we could get this plane up and running.

    Can you give us some support with locating full directions on how to assemble this plane from the ground up that includes all of the hardware and requirements to get it to fly?


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    Re: Airframe Only F15 Eagle Desert Camo Kit

    Sorry, but there are no instructions for that. You can glue the servos in and use wire to make pushrods to attach them to the control surfaces. Don't take this the wrong way, but by the time someone is ready to fly a plane such as the F-15 jet, they have already learned some of these skills and know how to make it all work. If he hasn't flown a trainer plane before and then an aileron trainer after that, he will destroy the F-15 on the first flight. It takes some experience to be able to fly a jet like that.

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    Re: Airframe Only F15 Eagle Desert Camo Kit

    So even if he uses the simulator he will have a difficult time?

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    Re: Airframe Only F15 Eagle Desert Camo Kit

    Most likely yes. The simulator definitively helps, but I've never heard of any who's flown and not crashed their first plane, even when it's an easy to fly trainer plane.

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