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Thread: Dirt Track Construction Begins

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    Dirt Track Construction Begins

    The car guys love our on-road track, now we're building a dirt track for the off-road guys. I can't wait for this to get finished up and get a 4x4 slash out there.
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    Re: Dirt Track Construction Begins

    We started on the track today with All state paving on the job with me! If you guys have any ideas of a track layout please give us some feedback :idea: . We have an idea to make it big enough to run 1/8th scale but small enough 1/10 scale 2wd or 4wd. We should have the track up and going within a few weeks if mother nature lets us. But as we go we will post more pics as we go! Then if we get enough guys out here we will try to get a grill out and track opening race!!!!! :D

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    Re: Dirt Track Construction Begins

    great job gents
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    Re: Dirt Track Construction Begins

    Progress continues. More dirt was brought in today and the boys are itching to get the track setup. There are 4 or 5 more truck loads of dirt to come and then the final stages can be setup. This will have some major jumps!
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