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Thread: Been 20yrs Advice on Converting Airboat to Electric

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    Been 20yrs Advice on Converting Airboat to Electric

    I'm looking for good direction/advice. It's been a looong time since I looked at R/C. I'm not a complete novice but nowhere near average either.

    I dusted off an Air boat I used to have as a kid and want to see what it would take to make it electric. I don't need advice on radio/receiver portion but I have no idea about sizing up a motor, ESC's and power. Also an idea of prop selection and effect on motor or requirements for the boat itself. I don't even remember the model name or what size engine it required - I estimate .40. An idea of cost would be nice to know before I venture on.

    I of course initially Googled around but found quite a bit of info but knowing nothing of 'the scene' I don't know who are the most reputable sites or what sites may be better than others. So any suggestions on specific sites, or tutorials, articles, forums, perferred makers or anything would be greatly appreciated.

    26" x 11"
    No idea of weight

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