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Thread: Brand new to RC, what to do?

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    Brand new to RC, what to do?

    Hello all,

    This is my first post. I have just become interested in RC aircraft. I owned one when I was a kid a long time ago. I have no idea what to get for a beginner plane these days. I want something with minimal assembly that is easy to learn how to fly. Inexpensive would be great too. I have budgeted around $200 for the complete set-up and may go as much as $300.

    I have read about the J-5 and the Mini-Telecaster series and it seems like those fit the bill. I would like to hear some opinions on which is easier for a beginner to assemble and fly.

    Thanks to all who respond.


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    Re: Brand new to RC, what to do?

    The J-5 is more of a 2nd and 3rd airplane. One of the best trainers right now is the Ultra Micro Champ. You can see it here ... 1_prd1.htm It's the perfect plane to get you up in the air.

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