I'm currently building Telemaster 40 deluxe kit in tricycle configuration.
Here are the issues I encountered so far:

Issue #1:

Step #26 in build manual states:

"If you are building the trike version, install
LG-PLUG assembly in the notch where
the main gear would have gone. This assembly
consists of LG-PLUG-A and LGPLUG-
B and assembles just like the LG
assembly did"

I cannot find parts labeled LG-PLUG-A or B.
I do however find parts labeled FLHP-A and FLHP-B which would seem to
serve that purpose, but I need confirmation.

Issue #2

I did not receive 3/4"x4" triangle stock for the hatch cover (Step #24).
I may have received 1/4"x4" triangle stock instead which I'm not sure is going to be used
on anything. Would hobby-lobby send me a replacement for this?

Issue #3:

I'm getting ready to build stabilizer plate. It looks like I need
four 4-40 blind nuts to install on SP. The problem is that
I only received four 4-40 blind nuts in the kit which I already used
in Step #3 on NGNP (since I'm building tricycle configuration)

Was I supposed to receive 4 or 8 blind nuts?

Thank you for your support