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Thread: the micro telemaster kit

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    the micro telemaster kit

    hellong i recently purchased micro telemaster kit and was very surprised at the kit looks great cant wait to start it . saw some pics of the micro on floats living here in texas we have float flying season when our lakes are not drying up . will keep you all posted on the build

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    have finish the fuselage ,couple rough spots the dowls sand a little because when you go to use them in the doubler to tight might bust them ,it happen to me on the battery cover the holes are too tight so becareful plane looks good so far . :D going to start horizontal stab later

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    finished horizontalstabwent together really easy , :D .started the wings moving right along taking break now hear couch calling me :)

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    Awesome. Keep us updated on your build. Take some photos and post them if you can.


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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    today recieved electric motor it was tiny must be very powerful its the one you guys sell. next going to get the speed controller and covering then where off :D

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    Great. I finished mine yesterday and am going to fly it at lunch today.
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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    hello ,your covering job looks good a little bare there are we lol. what size is the motor you have hanging out there ,wow must be powerful.I need to get ajob like that i would be like kid at candy store .As for flying mine i waiting covering and a prop and oh yes for the wind to stop howling out here in north texas even at night its still blowing . hope you got some video of it flying well take care :D

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    I agree a little bare. I'll probably get a local sign shop to cut out the logo for me to add. My test flight went well. Flies like a Telemaster. Lots of fun.

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    Hey flyingking tx. I also am flying out of North Tx. Know what you mean about the that old wind. I have a Senior Plus That I am trying to test but the wind is not helping me much. I'm flying out of RRCC. I have two Telley's, but can't get parts for my Senior, so it is gathering dust in my garage. Jason have you heard anything about when the Senior inventory is goin to come in?

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    Re: the micro telemaster kit

    Hey Tom,
    The order is in with the factory and they are producing the stuff as we speak. I haven't heard an expected ship date yet, but once it leaves it usually takes about 30 days to arrive.

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