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Thread: prop for delux telemaster 40

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    prop for delux telemaster 40

    the recommended motor ERCBL46 sepecification says a 13x8 but under the recommended prop under everything you need for the kit it says a 15x8 i am new to large electric and was just going to get all the items that were recommended dont want to overheat anything but would like for it to fly like the one in the video thanks

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    Re: prop for delux telemaster 40

    Either one works great for this. The 13x8 is just a suggestion from the motor factory. The 15" works great on our Tele.

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    Re: prop for delux telemaster 40

    Thanks for the reply i just happen to be in Nashville today and stopped in and picked up a motor and speed control and bec you were out of the 15x8 so i got a 14x8.5 will try that and get a 15 later the kit is coming along good got the fuselage done and starting on the wing going to try and have it ready in a month or two I am a slow builder

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