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Thread: Telemaster 40 delux

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    Telemaster 40 delux

    OK, so my telemaster arrived. Very exciting. Will start building it shortly.

    The build manual looks ok, but no info on servo and electronics installation, etc.

    I'm considering building it in tricycle configuration, but I'm confused about how the steering works
    in such case. Is there an extra servo at the front for the wheel or there is a long linkage
    to the rudder servo. I'm new to airplanes (helis were my previous passion) so I maybe getting it all wrong.

    Anyone could share some pictures showing a typical configuration?


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    Re: Telemaster 40 delux

    Sounds like you're not far off. Give Mike Hines a call here sometime and he can help out with your questions. 615-732-7207.

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