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Thread: delux telemaster 40 kit

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    delux telemaster 40 kit

    I am currently building telemaster 40, my first kit. The instructions are ok but cover nothing after pieces in box are glued together. Where can I find info on actually putting these sub assemblies together to form a completed aircraft? kit came with almost none of the hardware listed in the instructions. I have obtained hardware locally but can't find any reference to some of the applications, ie: what are the 8/32 nylon bolts and 2/56 blind nuts for? I have a basic idea of the covering process but some guidelines for this specific model would also be appreciated.

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    Re: delux telemaster 40 kit

    You bring up some good points that I am going to have to address. While none of these steps is difficult, they are not necessarily intuitive for a novice to RC models.

    To speed this process up for you, I suggest that you contact me at HL. Mike Hines ext. 207

    About the hardware. In the first run of the kit we didn't have a check off list of the hardware provided. This has been corrected in the second run. The other point of confusion was the "Hardware Key" in the instructions. It is a generic key to help identify parts, the problem arises because not all of the items shown are necessary or included in the kit. The items that you asked about 8-32 nylon bolts and 2-56 blind nuts are not items used in this kit.

    You should have received these HARDWARE ITEMS for the first run of TEL1400 Telemaster 40 Deluxe
    Assembly Manual 1
    Blind nut 8 #6-32 Four on landing gear and four on firewall
    Blind nut 2 #1/4-20 Two on wing bolt plate
    Blind nut 4 #4-40 Stabilizer plate
    Socket head bolt 4 #6-32 X 3/8" Motor mount
    Socket head bolt 4 #6-32 X 1/2" Landing gear
    Split lock washers 4 #6 Landing gear
    CA Hinges 24 Standard All moveable surfaces
    Cable tunnel tube 1 36" Cardboard
    Dowel 1 1/8" X 1" Hardwood
    Flat Washers 8 #6 Landing gear
    Formed aluminum landing gear 1 40 size
    Magnets 2 1/4" or larger Battery hatch
    Nylon Bolt 2 #1/4-20 Nylon Wing bolts
    Philips head sheet metal screw 2 #2 x 1/4" Tail gear mount
    Plans 2 Two sheets
    Threaded pushrod 2 #4-40 X 12" Elevator & Rudder
    Threaded pushrod 4 #2-56 X 12" Flaps & ailerons

    We have plans to create an instructional video on basics of covering and a tutorial on motor, esc and radio installation. Not terrific help today, but give me a call for some assistance.

    Thanks for your purchase and your suggestions for improvment

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