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Thread: New Micro Telemaster Kit

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    New Micro Telemaster Kit ... 5_prd1.htm

    The new Micro Telemaster kit is a huge step forward in easy to build and fun to fly RC model airplanes. Totally laser cut from premium balsa for a quick building experience with the precision that only laser cutting can give you. Step-by-step photo illustrated instructions and a full size set of plans make the process clear and enjoyable.

    The design has been totally updated and incorporates a convenient magnetically held battery hatch on the top front of the fuselage. The warp resistant wing incorporates diagonal wing ribs in addition to the conventional ribs. This wing design is far less susceptible to warping due to the covering than other wing designs. A unique wing mounting system using rare earth magnets at the trailing edge holds the wing in position, no rubber bands necessary. This is totally solid and will not release in the air, but in the event of a poor landing resulting in a wing tip strike the wing will pop off without damage to either it or the fuselage---a great design for the novice flyer.

    With a ready to fly weight of about 8-1/2 ounces the flight performance is amazing making this a great project for the novice builder and flyer yet still great fun for the experienced builder. The power setup that we recommend has enough power to pull this airplane straight up and at 1/3 throttle the airplane will easily maintain altitude. Flight times are long, up to 1/2 hour, giving you lots of time to enjoy your flight. All the other typical flight characteristics of the Telemaster line are intact, it has a gentle stall, flys slowly, reacts solidly and is a blast to fly. Controls are Elevator, Rudder and Throttle

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    Re: New Micro Telemaster Kit

    Here's the video.


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    Re: New Micro Telemaster Kit

    hi jason, just wanted to let you know that your evaluation of the plane is spot on. i just finished building one and i just can't say enough as to how fast and accurate it builds, and for a plane this size it is very strong when finished. the wood grade is excellant. a real fun plane to build!!!. a great kit for the price!
    but i really think for someone with little or no kit building experience/beginner, they might have a problem building this kit.the instruction booklet has some typographical errors and could have a little more on visual instructions, and verbal directions. just my two cents, thanks

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