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Thread: Assy manual for Miss 2 link is broken

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    Assy manual for Miss 2 link is broken

    Hi, I'm very interested in the Miss 2 and would like to read the manual before purchase, and since it is out of stock anyway... but the link goes nowhere. Can you fix that or provide a new link?

    Also I am trying to find a good simple rugged trainer for first timers. The Miss2 seems like the best value on your site. Is it the best trainer and most easy to fix? Or is the Super Cub LP more rugged and easier to fly with the anti crash gizmo?

    We have a mini wing dragon 300 but the videos we saw make it look a LOT easier than it has been in our ham handed fists. We have been using the FMS simulator but it doesn't actually simulate much of anything as far as I can tell: rudder does nothing for example. So I guess we need to pop for a decent sim too...


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    Re: Assy manual for Miss 2 link is broken

    The link is working and I have opened numerous times a few minutes ago.
    Check your version of pdf reader if it doesn't work.

    I have used the Super Cub LP as a trainer in teaching other flyers and it works rather well and also is fairly rugged in crashes. I would recommend using it. I have tried the anti crash technology on this plane and it does work.

    As far as flight sims are concerned, if you have your own transmitter the phoenix system is okay. If you don't the Flight sim G6 is very good and has its own controller in the box. You can also use your own if you like but it is connected via the furnished controller.

    Flight sims are excellent training aids because if you crash you just push reset. They do teach you flying skills, that translate to real world flying. But once you put your real RC plane in the air there is no reset and if you crash you may have repairs to make before you do it again.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Assy manual for Miss 2 link is broken

    Yeah it could be your browswer. Try right clicking the link and save as to download the pdf.

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