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Thread: Nitro engine

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    Nitro engine

    Hey Guys
    I want to convert my Senior Telley to Nitro. What size would give the most power without over powering the plane. I had thought about an OS .75 with a 24 oz fuel tank.

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    Re: Nitro engine

    Hi, I have been flying my ST Plus with an OS .91 FS but need to cut back to about 1/4 power to fly around. Any increase of power causes the airplane to climb and need to be retrimmed for a fast (?) fly by. I think a .65 or close will be ideal for the model. You will need to build an "add on" firewall to install the engine mount on to. You can be very liberal with size of wood here as you will need plenty of weight up front to get proper CG. Remember the long tail moment and the elimination of batteries will make your front lighter!! I use a 16 OZ tank and get 25 minutes with power cut back and lazy flying! Good luck with an airplane to enjoy!!

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    Re: Nitro engine

    Thanks Uncle Cap. I think that info will be a big help. It makes a lot of sense, and I'm sure glad that you mentioned the firewall modification. There is a difference in the weight of the Senior, and the Senior Plus so the C G will probably have to be ajusted. Jason in an earlier note said that the C G could be moved to back another 3/4 of an inch so I think there is plenty of room to adjust.

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    Re: Nitro engine

    I've got a .91 FS 4 stroke swingin' a K series 14 x 6 Master Airscrew on mine, and love it, but I had to put some down thrust in it to prevent balooning. It wants to go to the moon at 2/3 throttle.

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