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Thread: Battle Worn Electro

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    Battle Worn Electro

    Dear Sirs,
    Just wanted to drop a note about the 72" T/M~ I brought about 6<7 years ago. It started out Elect for 2 Years ~ then OS 40 Glow ~ then I crashed it 5 years ago. Mort Kohn took it out of the trash can - fixed it ~ flew it till last year when he put it in tree. It stayed there for 3 weeks in Snow & Rain. Today @ field WE FLEW it again for 4 more flights ~ it is crooked as Hell but fly Beautifully!! Thanks~ ( Do we owe you more $$ for making such a great plane? LOL) PS: we are flying it again next W/E!

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    Re: Battle Worn Electro

    Interesting wheel choice, Wonder what the size and make are.

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