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Thread: Old Telemaster 40 Landing Gear Repair

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    Old Telemaster 40 Landing Gear Repair

    Problem Solved

    I have an old Telemaster 40 I built I believe in 1987. It's still in top condition. After a long time away I have recently returned to the hobby. I managed to preserve the Telemaster and it's flying like the champ I knew it was. I learned once on this bird and it's providing the same service for me a second time.

    Now the problem is it has the old two piece wire gear that has to be soldered at the axle. The poor job I did on it originally served adequately until last Sunday when it decided to slide apart while taxiing back from a landing. No damage to the plane, it just sat down on it's belly and the prop struck ground and stopped.

    I want to get the gear put back together but I don't have the plans or the specific wire needed to rejoin the two do it. Can somebody suggest the right kind of wire, solder, and rosin/flux needed to join them solid?

    Here's a picture of the old bird at the AMAC flying field the day of our fly-in last October.

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    Re: Old Telemaster 40 Landing Gear Repair

    I do believe it is 1/16 music wire, wrap the joints where the wires conect with bare copper wire and solder. Clean everything well before soldering. Rosin core solder should do fine. Just eyeball your old one for the dimensions.

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