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Thread: J-5 Cub Stories

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    J-5 Cub Stories

    We appreciate your time sharing the fun with a newcomer, so if you're helping someone else learn with the J-5 and they'll tell us their story, we'll give you a $50 gift certificate to help you have more fun with your hobby, too. Post your stories in this thread by replying to this message

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    Re: J-5 Cub Stories

    So far things aren't going too well. After building the plane, I practiced taxi runs around the drive way. I had left the ailerons disconnected as the book said. I thought I was ready to attempt a brief liftoff and touch down. As soon as the plane left the gound it banked hard left. Since I had the stick pulled back for lift off, the plane immediately crashed and did some pretty serious damage. The wing snapped and the motor nose shaft snapped destroying the motor. All in all this will end up costing me about $75 not to mention a brand new aircraft that I can't use for several weeks.
    According to the manual, this shouldn't have happened. Without ailerons this plane shouldn't have been able to bank at all. Also, without ailerons I couldn't correct the bank. I have reviewed the manual but can not find anything I did wrong. All this has been very disappointing

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    Re: J-5 Cub Stories

    Hi R12,
    Sorry to hear about that. Sounds like a good learning experience though. Even without the ailerons attached, the plane can still roll with the rudder. You'll need to apply some right rudder while taking off to counter the torque of the motor. The "torque effect" wants to yaw and roll the plane to the left at full power and slow speeds. This is normal for most aircraft and just part of getting used to flying these models. Let me know if you need anything, or more advice to get you back in the air.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: J-5 Cub Stories

    I learned to fly.
    Mr. Norm once helped me learn to fly the J-5 cub. First we went to the gym to drive it around not in the air but on the ground. Then once we could drive on the ground very very good, we tried to fly it in the air outside. Then I crashed, so we kept trying. I finally flew for a little bit but almost landed but still crashed. I had a lot of fun! That's why I like the J-5 cub! I am also very happy we are continuing to practice, so that I can fly our Mig-15 when I get better, it's painted HOT PINK.
    By: Kaylee ( K-LO )

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    Re: J-5 Cub Stories

    The story above and those listed below are all from a group of 4/5th grade students from Fort Greely, Alaska, who give up their recess to attend "Flight Club". As we are in interior Alaska much of our time during the school year is spent inside building new models, repairing old ones and doing the Civil Air Patrol curriculum. I will say though that we have flown and have pictures to prove it, down to minus 20 below F although battery life is greatly shortened at these temps. There are no bad grades and no disciplinary problems in our club or they are moved to the reserve list which contains over 60 students waiting for the opportunity to join. Come summer all can participate and with our 24 hours of daylight we make up for those missed chances in the winter.

    These students have become not just leaders in our school but in our community as well, even receiving an award from the Army for a Black Women in Aviation History project they did. I am very proud of these 13 girls and 9 boys who make up this club and could go on forever but I think its time for their words.........Thanks for this forum so I could share.

    J-5 cub.
    The J-5 cub with Mr. Norms help has taught us to fly planes with a rudder. We have drove it up and down the hallway at Fort Greeley School to learn to steer. Then we flew in the gym. When we mastered then, we flew outside.

    By: Keely

    Mr. Norm is our flight club instructor at school. He says the J-5 Cub is going to help us learn to fly. We will fly it outside but now we are just driving it in the hall and gym. It has a rudder so we can learn to steer with a rudder. Overall it is a nice plane.

    By: Ben

    I learned to fly by first going on the simulater. I had to be able to fly 3 or 4 times and land without crashing to get my pilot's license and wings. Once I had my license we could start learning to steer on the ground, it is kind of hard but not really. That is how we learned to fly on the ground!!!!!!!

    By: Makenna (Vogue)

    How I learned to fly the J-5 Cub
    Wuz up Jason? I still haven't tried to fly the J-5 cub but I am starting out with learning the rudder by riding on the gym floor. It is still real fun. We have lots of fun at flight club. Mr. Norm is an awesome teacher who gives up his lunch to help us. He is nice and cool and taught me to fly a little red helicopter also. (McX2)

    By: Elizabeth (Midget)

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