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Thread: Telemaster Sr. Throws?

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    Telemaster Sr. Throws?

    How much throw should I put into my Telemaster Sr. control surfaces?
    Anyone put flaps on - and how much throw is recommended there?


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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Throws?

    On Teles, I usually just leave the default radio rates on them. The only thing is that sometimes the elevators can be sensitive, so you may want to add in some expo or dual rates for it.

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Throws?

    How far from the neutral position do you set the elevators, ailerons and rudder to throw when each stick on the transmitter is at it's maximum position?



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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Throws?

    I don't have that measurement. I just don't limit the travel via the transmitter until after I've flown to get a feel for it.

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Throws?

    The control throws should be in your building instructions or your manual(for an ARF)... If nothing else, look on the site for an ARF manual in .pdf you can download.

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    Re: Telemaster Sr. Throws?

    Thanks guys. I have some ballpark numbers from the ARF on-line manuals that I can start with.

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