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Thread: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

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    New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    Hi all,
    I visited our new cutter last week. He had our first batch of .40 size Teles nearly finished and they looked great. These kits will be superb! Here's a couple of photos I took.
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    photo 4.JPG  

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    Any idea when the kit's will be available, possible price close to the original hopefully.

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    .40 deluxe kits will be here this week. Regular kits will follow as the new cutter gets up to speed with them. Pricing will certainly be higher. Wood prices have doubled recently, but I'm not sure what the final retail pricing will be yet. The Deluxe kit will be expensive, but it's awesome. More to come.

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    Whoa what a sticker shock $199.99 there abouts. Balsa may have gone up, but within the last three months I bought the balsa from a long standing U.S. supplier for both a Telemaster 40, and the Senior Telemaster oversize kit ($125.00). Got the wood for way less than $100.00 for both of them. Think I will just keep on building from plans of the 60 and the 40 I have on hand. Good luck with the new kits.

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    Yes, we will also offer ribs and plans and other version. $199 for what you get is amazing. Check out this video to see why.


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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    How about the hardware package. Do you get all the hardware to put the plane together?(push-rods, wheel collars, etc). It looks nice, but $199.00 is a steep price. I just put a model together, and it was a complete kit with all hardware and a lot bigger for less money. The video was great, but left out a lot of info about all that comes with the kit. I would hate to buy it and then meet with some suprises. Is there another info video coming?

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    What happen to the listing in the Telemaster catergory to the Deluxe 40, it was ther thursday nite and now it is gone. Sgt. Tom as to what comes with the kit, I myself would just buy a few extras of what you think maybe required. I call this my well stocked junk box. How have you been doing on your Senior Tele? Hope you have been enjoying laid back lazy flying. I'am going to have to hold off the possible purchase of the Deluxe 40 due to the price. Right now I have on the building board a scratch build of a 502 Airtractor.

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    We'll get those questions answered the the kits listed back on the site this week. We jumped the gun putting it up and the marketing manager wasn't ready to release it yet.

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    Hey Tyra, I haven't been doing much flying because of weather which has limited flying time. I am looking forward to getting up into the air again. Both my Telleys are jumping at the bits. I have used this time to work on both the Plus and Senior. I am going to hold off of buying any thing to build until I see a video of the Deluxe flying, and a listing of parts available for the plane. HL has had some inventory problems, but Jason says that problem should end with this new Mfg.

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    Re: New Telemaster Kit Manufacturer

    The new Telemaster looks great. I may have to add this to my Christmas wish list! Can you tell me if the Telemaster will work with a Great Planes Rimfire .32 42-50-800 Outrunner Brushless Motor?


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