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Thread: Eflite Beaver 25e

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    Eflite Beaver 25e

    I wound up buying the power 32 eflite motor for my Beaver 25e and the 12x8 E prop and 3 cell 3300 Lipo battery. I will not being using floats, but may want to later that is why I bought the bigger motor.

    I am confused, this was the recommendation By Hobby Lobby. However I see the *plane's manual recommends a larger prop with the power 32 motor and a 4 cell battery. Will I be OK with what I bought?

    The Eflite Beaver 25e is good looking and nicely packaged , but:

    *(1), the collet prop adapter on the power 32 Eflite motor I got is not long enough to accommodate the kit's spinner, with the backplate as there are no threads showing for the prop nut!*

    (2) *neither of the aluminum spacers (used w power 32) provided in the plane kit give enough prop clearance in front of the cowl ... prop adapter would be pulled out almost to within 1/16 " of the motor shaft end with the longest aluminum spacer. Using both the short and long aluminum spacers together would work but then the motor *hits the dummy engine! the center hole in dummy engine would have to be cut too far to clear!

    *(3) there is no way the ESC can be put on the front of the battery box and still use the dummy engine!

    These kinds of problems and oversights take a lot of the fun out of building an ARF!

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    Re: Eflite Beaver 25e

    Sorry we didn't answer you sooner. However this plane is actually sold by HL but comes from Horizon Hobbies and therefore the information on HL's web site is actually the specs and such from Horizon. If you look at the support information you will find this: For technical support or warranty claims on this product, please contact Horizon Hobby at: (800) 338-4639

    Hope this helps,


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