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Thread: Thanks The 3rd Annual Food Drive

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    Thanks The 3rd Annual Food Drive

    Mods if this need sto be moved please do so . "But I love Hobby Lobby "

    BIG BIG Thanks goes out to Lobby-Lobby for their sponsorship of our event . We had a total of 60 yes 60 scale rigs with 51 drivers starting our first trail . We raised $1011.00 in raffle sells for the local Outreach Center . Here is a pic of all the food the drivers donated fr the Outreach Center .

    Now I got to go shopping with the $1011.00 for more food . This will feed a lot of hunger people this Holiday season .

    Link to the offical thread on STR leading up to the 3rd Annual Food Drive . ... 8770407/1/
    Link to all the Food Drive pics that have been posted on . ... 8778977/1/

    Again big thanks goes out to Hobby Lobby International and Connie Cook(Donations Coordinator) . I couldn't pulled it off with out your help .

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    Re: Thanks The 3rd Annual Food Dri

    Very cool!

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    Re: Thanks The 3rd Annual Food Dri

    Pic with Mr. Johnny Brown from The Marth Brown / Robert Mason Outreach Center .

    First load (drivers food)

    The Market we used in Lewisburg TN .

    Workers that helped us with the total .

    The longest receipt that the market has ever printed .

    Workers helping us load the raffle food .

    Load from the raffle sells .

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