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Thread: Freewings SU-35

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    Freewings SU-35

    So the Euro Vendor has let the cat out of the bag.... and posted the next beautiful Freewing Vectored Thrust redition of the SU-35 Super Flanker.
    The other vendor posted Jan 2012 for availability???? How about HL? HL usually have the Freewing lineup before everyone else so ..... when? BlackFriday maybe????

    Will they come in the two colour frame only with E-Tracks and struts? They post the counter rotating fans like those used on the Seabart Mig. Freewing hasn't posted updates to their site yet so details???????????

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    Re: Freewings SU-35

    I'm hearing crickets here. Any one? Is anyone there?

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    Re: Freewings SU-35

    I don't have an answer just yet.

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    Re: Freewings SU-35

    Thanks J!

    The one question I have when you can answer is when will HL have the frame only version of the Blue and White colour scheme.
    Will be a wonderful addition to the HL family.

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    Re: Freewings SU-35

    I'm not sure. This is not a project that we had any influence on so it will not be part of the eRC brand for our stuff. We'll see what Freewing wants to do with it in the US market. It's less appealing to me if our competitors will also be selling it.

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