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Thread: Senior Telemaster plans?

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    Senior Telemaster plans?


    I bought a set of plans for the telemaster a long time back from RCM are they the same plans that is in the kit which is out of stock at this time sure would like to have a kit hint hint also where is everyone getting the aluminum running gear for all the different telemasters


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    Re: Senior Telemaster plans?

    Should be similar. We'll have no inventory problems in 2012 with Senior Kits. Our new Deluxe .40 kit will be released this week with the rest of the kits to follow.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster plans?

    The New Telemaster Deluxe 40 kit sounds nice. May buy one to do a build review and flight results. Hope they come in this week. I have kept all the Telemaster plans from Hobby lobby, from the kits I have bought. From those plans I have built several of my own from the old art of scratch and cut. Hope the come in this week. The Telemaster is or should be the flagship of Hobby Lobby. Hope the kit price is decent.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster plans?

    Hey Jason. How is the new Delux 40 going to be different than the regular Senior Telley?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster plans?

    It's much more different than I can explain. We're shooting a video today to tell it all. I'll post up the link when I get it edited.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster plans?

    Whoa what a sticker shock $199.99 there abouts. Balsa may have gone up, but within the last three months I bought the balsa from a long standing U.S. supplier for both a Telemaster 40, and the Senior Telemaster oversize kit ($125.00). Got the wood for way less than $100.00 for both of them. Think I will just keep on building from plans of the 60 and the 40 I have on hand. Good luck with the new kits.

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    New 40 size Telley

    Jason, how long before we see this new model?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster plans?

    The new deluxe kit is done and in stock. The .40 basic version will be done in about two weeks. The next kit after that is the senior, then the mini, micro and finally the 12'.

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