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Thread: Telemaster 40

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    Telemaster 40

    I got a Telemaster 40 about 6 years ago from one of the guys in my flying club. It sat for years before I finally got it ready to fly. I broke in a new OS 70 FS in the plane and got it ready for it's first flight. Since I had not flown for quite a while, I had a friend test fly it for me the first time. Unfortunately, it was the first and only flight. It crashed shorly after take off. We never fiqured out why it crashed.

    After the crash, I thought that I would like to build a new one. Unfortunately, The planes has been out of stock for some time. Is there any news of an approximate time that the plane will be available again.

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    Re: Telemaster 40

    We are getting up and running with a new kit cutter. Should start having some kits available again in December.

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