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Thread: Does HL Have Plans to Offer A Multi-Rotor Soon?

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    Does HL Have Plans to Offer A Multi-Rotor Soon?

    I have recently had phenomenal success with the used multi-rotor I picked up two months ago. I love the simplicity of the machine and I enjoy flying it very much. It would be great to be able to buy one from you guys if/when one or more become available. I realize this is sort of a niche market but I think multi-rotor aircraft will be growing - you guys need to help the addiction grow (ha).

    Jason, I met you several years ago at SEFF but I doubt you'd remember me.

    Over the years, many years actually, I've been getting some really great stuff from Hobby Lobby and look forward to continued business in the future. Currently, I'm thinking about finishing my latest multi-rotor with the motor & ESC combination someone mentioned at the three tree summary thread (some event, I believe). The 25 amp ESC's are scheduled to arrive in mid-November - hold on to 4 for me please.



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    Re: Does HL Have Plans to Offer A Multi-Rotor Soon?

    Hey man,
    Good to hear from you and glad you've got the Multi Rotor bug too! YES, we are planning to offer a copter soon. I am working out all the bits and pieces as we speak and we'll have a multi rotor section on our website sometime in November. More info to come...


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