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Thread: A Satisfied Customers Appreciation

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    A Satisfied Customers Appreciation

    Hello, I would like to pass along how satisfied I am with stal and your customer service. She was absolutely as helpful and as professional as she could have been. She is a great reflection on the R/C Hobby Lobby image, and is a great addition to your customer service/sales department. Thank you for supporting our great hobby and having people in the right positions that show the same enthusiasm and also positively reflect on your company's image..

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    Re: A Satisfied Customers Appreciation

    I purchased an electric motor from HL a little over a year ago. I just got around to installing it in a plane a few weeks ago. it was very noisy an vibrated. I figured it was bad bearings and called HL to see about getting it repaired.. The lady I talked to said it was out of warranty but would let me talk to someone about purchasing bearings for it.
    I spoke with Jason an explained to him even though I had had it a little over a year I only had about 6 flights on the motor.
    Jason asked me to return the motor an he would take a look at it and see what he could do.
    A few days latter Jason called and said he was replacing the motor.
    Now that is what I call great customer service!!!
    I have not bought all that much from HL over my 45+ years modeling but I will go there first from now on.


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