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Thread: Telley Plus

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    Telley Plus

    This is a question for someone in your tech dept. On the motor mount on the Plus, if you use the motor (AXI 4120-18) do you need longer screws to attach the motor to the motor mount, or will the screws that come with it be long enough to attach the motor to the wooden mount that comes with the plane?

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    Re: Telley Plus

    Hey Tom,
    Don't know the answer to that one. Screws are not to hard to come by though.

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    Re: Telley Plus

    How long are the mounting screws that come with the mounting assembly for that size motor? They have to be at least 3/16 of an inch longer than normal, to fit through the wooden mount an still go into the motor.

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    Re: Telley Plus

    I don't know. We sold our demo model at a show recently. He made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

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    Re: Telley Plus

    What screws did you use to attach the motor for the a/c that is shown in all of the pictures or is that the plane you are talking about that you sold. If nothing else, could you tell me the size of the screws that come with the motor mount assy. for attaching the metal mount to the motor.

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    Re: Telley Plus

    Most of the motors use 3mm or 4mm metric screws.


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