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Thread: Will the Kavan Partenavia ever return???

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    Will the Kavan Partenavia ever return???

    Hi Hobby Lobby, I love the Kavan Partenavia, it was one of the first kits that I purchased when I started flying RC planes. I must have flown it more than any of my other planes put together. But as time went on to Brushless and Lipos I moved on to different airplanes, even tried the Twin Star but none of them came close to how much fun I had with the Partenavia, it spoilled me. I've patched almost every of part that plane adding bottles of epoxy in weight, and it still flew over and over again, if you had one I'm sure it's close to that condition ;) I loved this plane! I still do. I would like to buy TWO or THREE more of these kits! Store one for my son til' he gets older. Install it with the current technology, I can only imagine the fun-o-meter go off the scale!
    So why can't this kit return? I'm sure if you asked anyone who has owned the Kavan Partenavia: If you would buy another would you? The answer would be DEFINITELY YES!
    If that request is not possible, please have some manufacturer create a "Partenavia II - New and improved!!!"??? and be reasonably priced.
    If there is any Kavan Partenavia kit(s) still out there? Seriously I would love to buy it!

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    Re: Will the Kavan Partenavia ever return???


    This Partenavia is also one of my favorites, I still have my old one but I bought another just in case and still have it NIB...
    Just to let you know, I think you should check with; they still had some in stock a year ago.
    Good luck!

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