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Thread: Senior Telemaster Plus battery hatch

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    Senior Telemaster Plus battery hatch

    I sure hope someone can help me out.

    I finished and maidened my new Senior Telemaster Plus today. After several uneventful flights After I landed for the 5th time today I noticed that the battery hatch had blown off. On closer inspection I can see that one of the magnets pulled out of the fuselage (bad glue joint I suppose) and the other was apparently not enough to hold the hatch. I have no idea where it went.

    So, she is grounded. I called Hobby Lobby expecting to be able to replace the hatch. The nice woman I spoke with said that the battery hatch is not listed as a replacement part :o .

    Any chance someone out there has a battery hatch for a Senior Telemaster Plus?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus battery hatch

    One of my magnets popped out during assembly, so I had the opportunity to CA both of them like they should have been.
    Good luck getting a new one. It should be easy enough to make a new one.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus battery hatch

    Mine would blow off on (almost) every takeoff. I finally fixed that by trimming the ultracoat away from a couple of holes in the bottom hatch. I think a pressure differential was popping the hatch off. I was surprised to see that this was not a part stocked by HL. You could make one pretty easy. Radio Shack stocks rare earth magnets if you need them.


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