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Thread: Telemaster Re-born

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    Telemaster Re-born

    I had posted a Help needed in rcg's Hobby Lobby vendors section and Jason Cole was so helpful
    and gave me the info i nedded to get my Telemaster back in the air, He thought I should share my
    story here...

    Back in the early 90's I bought a Telemaster 70 ARF from Hobby Lobby, It is much like the Telemaster 40
    that is available today. I went and joined a local club and took some lessons from a guy there.
    After my training was done I had solo and all went well, I then wanted a bigger and better plane so I built a
    Astrohog but never put it in the air. After that I flew the Tele few times and had a mishap and totally lost
    interest flying, and put the Tele and any more hopes of rc flying away.

    I did not get back into flying until 2004, I started with small electrics and bought many Parkzone planes, Still did want
    Nothing to do with the nitro so the Tele hung in the basement in the same place it had for years. I finally decided
    to go back to nitro and tried the astrohog and it went well, but the tele still hung, Just lately I decided
    the tele had hung long enough and it was time to be re-born so to speak,I put new electronics and upgrade the engine
    Jason was so kind to help with the cg question because the tele 70 has a smaller width wing than the new configs , and i found many different opinions around the web, on where it should be. I put the cg where Jason told me, I would never had put it back that far on my own and it flew like a dream.
    I am glad the Tele has a new life, And like I posted in the other thread..."Noting flies and lasts like a telemaster"


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    Re: Telemaster Re-born

    Great Story. Glad to help. Keep having fun!


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    Re: Telemaster Re-born

    Similar story here . . .

    I think I built my Telemaster 40 back in '87 plus or minus a year. I fancied myself as a good builder but nervous flyer so I didn't really get to the point of soloing even though the Telemaster is rightly touted as the paramount trainer. I was in the Army then and had a family so my RC interest faded into a memory but I hung on to the Telemaster through the years. Now retired from the Army 13 years, kids living far away the interest has been rekindled. I decided I needed a bit of a crutch and bought a park flyer that could take a beating along with a nice radio. I've not "mastered" the little foamy but I have been able to gain the confidence I need to dance with my beloved Telemaster. Sunday I had a friend in the new club, Aeromaster Model Airplane Club outside Leesburg, GA, take it for a tune up flight with the new engine. It flew beautifully twice but I have some fuel supply problems I'll have worked out before this coming Sunday where I'm sure I'll be happily at the controls.

    Here's a pic of the old bird:

    And the new-to-me flying field:

    Picture taken just this last Saturday (Oct 22, 2011) at the AMAC Fly-In. Look close and you'll easily spot the Hodges Hobbies B-29 with it's 20' wingspan.

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    Re: Telemaster Re-born

    What is the Telemaster 70, and do they still make it? The pictures look like a standard Senior Telemaster. I heard of the Astro-Hog, but never saw one.

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    Re: Telemaster Re-born

    Dont why hobby lobby called this a Telemaster 70 it is a 40 size plane.... 73" wing span maybe had something to do with it.. It was a arf back in the early 90's long out of production, a little different from the current kit versions, only has a 10.5" chord much less wing area than the new crop of teles, it flies very well with the magnum 52 4-cycle..The astrohog has been around for more years than i have been alive, it is a tested a true of my favs also..

    Nice story on the telemaster looks a keeper, and the field is to die for, you can see my field in the pics, i have only one way to land coming at the planes in the pic, no matter what the wind is doing, makes for some interesting takeoffs and landings..but it is at my home so i dont have to drive to fly...

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