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Thread: Jeti ESC's being discontinued?

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    Jeti ESC's being discontinued?

    I see that many of the Jeti Esc's are listed as "No Longer Available For Purchase". Is HL dropping the Jeti brand of Esc's. If so, can you please explain the reason? There are not many places that carry the Jeti brand and HL is the only source that I am aware of that was selling Jeti's. It seems like whenever there is a great product that it won't be around for long (speaking of all retail, not specifically HobbyLobby).

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    Re: Jeti ESC's being discontinued?

    Yes, Jeti controllers will now be sold by Esprit Model. We have our own eRC Brand of ESC's now that are of the same quality with better prices. The market has changed.

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    Re: Jeti ESC's being discontinued?


    Thank you for the reply and explanation. I will look into the new eRC Esc's and thanks for pointing out where I could continue to get the Jeti in case I want to go that route. You the man :D

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    Re: Jeti ESC's being discontinued?

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