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Thread: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

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    Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    Anybody know the covering and color codes for the Senior Telemaster Plus? I can't find them in the manual and they don't seem to be on the website.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    It's covered in Oracover. Horizon re-brands it under Ultrakote. Not sure of the exact colors used though.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    O.K. here goes been thinking about this one for some time, as someone who has spent a fair amount of money with this company this year, including a telemaster plus, plus axi motors, servos it just me or what, when someone asks a question regarding the covering #'s, maybe, just maybe, as someone who has also spent money with your company on a telemaster plus, i think he deserves a little more than the answer he was given......due to the fact there are no covering #'s given i now have a telemaster plus with two different reds on it due to a sorry for this jason but when you depend on repeat business for your paycheck, the customer deserves better than this answer.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    Doing the best I can. Sometimes I don't have all the answers. Sorry for any problems caused.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    hey jason, you have sold how many of these planes? im guessing lots, since they seem to be out of stock all of the time, maybe you could try and find out the covering #'s for us loyal, plus fans. it takes weeks to order new parts, i can be flying within a day if i have a minor covering job to do, i really like my plus and would like to be able to match the original covering

    thanking you in advance

    ps some of the other companies list the covering #'s in the info
    sections where the specs on the planes are found!
    hint......hint lol

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    Re: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    Ha! Didn't know this was done already, but the covering numbers are listed in the support tab on the Plus page. Here's a copy of what that says.

    Need to repair? Use Corsair Blue Ultracote(HANU905), White Ultracote(HANU870), and Flame Red Ultracote(HANU883)


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    Re: Senior Telemaster PLUS covering?

    Your like a magician lol...................

    thanks again to HL! and Jason

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