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Thread: Senior Telemaster

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    Senior Telemaster

    Has anybody used a double servo set up on their Senior Telemaster elevators? I was thinking about putting 2 servo's on the elevators? It sure would make the controls stronger and more responsive. I think it can be done with out doing a lot of beefing up. How about one of you techs letting me know what you think about this.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster

    There should be no problems doing that so long as your radio can do it. Anything is possible, it's just wood and covering, easy to mod.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster

    Jason, do you think that I should put a plate under the servo to make the side stronger?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster

    Yeah, I would probably pull the covering off the bottom or just where you need and build in a couple of servo mounts using light or regular ply and then re-cover.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster

    Thank you Jason. This forum is really great. It makes it easier to get info on the planes when you need it. Are you guys going to open the chat line back up?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster

    We've been talking about it. It might come back.

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