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Thread: E-Week at the Nall

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    E-Week at the Nall

    Hey guys,
    We had a blast at Triple Tree Aerodrome last weekend for the E-Week at the Nall event. The weather and flying was fabulous. Here's a link to our Facebook photo album from the event. ... 274&type=1

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    Re: E-Week at the Nall

    Good seeing you guys at EWeek. I was talking to you and Neil a while about the quads. You guys got me hooked on these things and i just about got mine together. Just waiting on the programmer so i can get it in X mode. When can we expect videos? i.e. the gopro on the quad video you were talking about.

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    Re: E-Week at the Nall

    Nice, great to hear your having fun. We'll be editing up the video and should have it posted to our YouTube Channel and here by next week. Show us some photos of that quad you're working on!


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