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Thread: Problems with E-Scale P-47 ESC

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    Problems with E-Scale P-47 ESC


    I recently purchased your E-Scale P-47 RX-R Wicked Wabbit and have 3 flights on the model. The first flight went well -- I'm using my own 1800mah packs rather than the supplied 1650mah -- on the first flight, I flew it for over 5 minutes without issue. However, the second flight I experienced issues and they persisted today on the third flight. After about 2 minutes into the flight, the ESC seems to go into throttle reduction mode and full throttle equates to only about 1/3 throttle. Today, I was about 5 minutes into the flight when I experienced the same issue. I thought I had pushed the flight time too long and over-discharged the pack, but my voltmeter showed 11.3v after the flight. I'm wondering if the ESC is not programmed correctly -- can you provide me with the programming manual or offer any suggestions? Otherwise, I will simply put a different ESC in the model.

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    Re: Problems with E-Scale P-47 ESC

    Here's the manual for that ESC.
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    Re: Problems with E-Scale P-47 ESC

    Thank you, Jason. I don't know what the problem is, but I have switched out the ESC and will see if the issue persists. All evidence is pointing toward the ESC at this current time, however.


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