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Thread: Senior Telemaster pushrods

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    Senior Telemaster pushrods

    I need a little help. I tried to run pushrods in my Senior Telley. In doing so , I broke part of the fuselage trying to get the rods thru the holes. I couldn't get the wires to line up at the same time. Does anyone have a way to thread the wires thru the holes with out breaking the balsa out. the section where the wires go is one of the weakest part of the fuselage.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster pushrods

    Put string through the hole in the fuse and work it down until you can get at it. Ties string to end of rod. Pull gently.


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    Re: Senior Telemaster pushrods

    Thanks Noveldoc. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

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