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Thread: Pre-packaged accessory kits

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    Pre-packaged accessory kits

    I am a new member, and technically, a new model builder, so as such I was following the directions I received with my Micro Telemaster plane. After talking with a rep, I learned that Hobby Lobby no longer packages an "accessory kit" for that model, but that I would have to order each item separately. Does anyone know what prompted this change? Just curious. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Ron Sheets

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    Re: Pre-packaged accessory kits

    Not sure. Probably the kit producer was unable to purchase the parts required for that.

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    Re: Pre-packaged accessory kits

    Thanks for the thoughts, Jason, and you are probably an experienced kit builder, but did you notice on the web site that the Micro Telemaster kit, which I was told was solely the product of Hobby Lobby, will not be available until sometime in November. Is that kit really that popular, or is Hobby Lobby dropping the ball? Either way, I am their customer because I like the products they carry. I just wish they would actually "carry" them, and not have to "backorder" everything. Again, thanks, Jason.

    Ron Sheets

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    Re: Pre-packaged accessory kits

    The kits from a domestic cutter up in New York. He has had trouble sourcing wood to make our kits. We can only get small qty orders at a time and it takes forever. We are sourcing a new cutter to make our kits now and we'll have some exciting news to share in a month or two about Telemaster Kits.


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