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Thread: Tele Plus Elevator Coupler

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    Tele Plus Elevator Coupler

    I finally "ditched" the coupler all together. I never did like the design. Hooked a Y cable to the rear servos and connected both to the elevator. Then I made the rudder a "pull-pull". All of the controls are smoother and much more precise with no flex or slop.

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    Re: Tele Plus Elevator Coupler

    Hey Bullethole, That sounds like a real good fix on the elevator controls. Is there any way you con send a few pictures on that fix? I had to build a new joiner and rework the rudder. Thanks if you can do this.

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    Re: Tele Plus Elevator Coupler

    Here are pics of my tail feathers.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tele Eail 2.jpg   Tele Eail 1.jpg   Tele Tail 3.jpg  

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    Re: Tele Plus Elevator Coupler

    Boy that is fantastic fix. I am going to change mine as soon as the flying weather slows down some, and we have some maintance down time. Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: Tele Plus Elevator Coupler

    I like it! Great work and thanks for sharing with everyone here.


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