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Thread: Senior Telemaster Plus

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    Senior Telemaster Plus

    Well, I finely got to Maiden fly the Plus. Had some trouble with the trim out, but nothing I wasn't able to fix. Here is the kick in the pants. After flying it for about 3 minutes,I brought it in and made some aileron control adjustments. Hit the run-way again, and it lifted off like a big beautiful airliner. Flew the pattern both Right and Left turns, with no probems. I set up a landing pattern with no flaps. Hit the end of the run-way cut all the power. The plane started to float, and float some more. Had a 10 mile wind very steady. I just let the plane ride the wind, until the glide angle gave out. At about 12 inches off the run-way the plane stalled out and went in nose first. You would think the damage on a landing like that should be very minor. WRONG!! The cheeks of the fuselage split out, the motor and firewall broke out in one piece. All the joints back beyond the front former broke loose, and the carbon rod on the right side broke in two. I am going to try and repair everthing, because the fuselage is on backorder. Has anyone had a problem with glue joints breaking this bad in the fuselarge?

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus

    On the 22nd of Aug I sent a post on this forum. As of now I still don,t have an answer. The plane broke up real bad, and I can't fix it because you don't have the parts in your inventory. There was 7 pilots flying at the time of my mishap. None of them can believe how bad the plane broke up. I started to put it back together again, but I'm not sure that I want to keep the plane. I love the old Senior Telley, but I can't get the parts for that one either.

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus

    Hey Tom,
    Sorry to hear about that crash and damage. We are commited to the Telemaster brand and planes and are working on getting parts in hand and in stock more readily. We appreciate your patience as we work through some touch sourcing issues, but rest assured, we will get parts for you. Thanks for your contributions to this forum and your support as a Hobby Lobby customer. We'll do our best to make sure we take care of you.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus

    Jason, I talked to Robert 9/27/ 11 and he has taken care of my problem. Looks like I will be back in the blue soon. Love flying the Senior, and I think the Plus will make it soon also. Thanks to everybody, for the help in getting me back into the air. " Nothing fly's like a telemaster "

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