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Thread: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

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    Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

    I will be building up a Telemaster Sr from the balsa kit. I want to add flaps and am wondering if it is better to have separately functioning flaps (inboard of the ailerons) or would the plane perform as well if the flap function was integrated with the existing ailerons as "flaperons". Has anyone made such modifications to the Telemaster Sr. and can comment on the flight characteristics when using the flaps vs flaperons?

    Thanks, dalock

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?


    I'm currently building a Sr. Telemaster out of the kit and just finishing covering the fuselage. All the other parts are covered and ready to go. I put flaps on mine and simply cut the ailerons down by 14 inches (they're 22 inches now). Some research on the RCGroups and other suggestions say this will work just fine. If it doesn't, I'll fix it by adjusting the sizes by making some new ones. Easy to do.

    I made a 2 piece wing that has a solid hardwood joiner in the main spar and added an additional shorter spar about 1/3 of the chord behind it. The joiners are 1/2" and 1/4" respectively. The larger strut is about 36" in length and the smaller one is about 26" in length. Hobby-Lobby sent me a couple of hand drawings for referal, but I made my own modifications using them as a guideline. I have also reduced the dihedral to 1/2 of what it originally was, and plan on using wing struts (2 per side to give the effect of a Cub).

    Obviously I haven't flown it yet, but a gentleman from the club says there is another guy who has done the same thing (not the dihedral change) and it performs really well (flaps and the ailerons). I'm not expecting this to be a sport plane to do tight turns, loops, and barrel rolls, so the reduced aileron size should work fine for me.

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

    Dear Redinnc
    Thanks for the insight into your activity there. I considered reducing the dihedral too but didn't want to throw away the beautiful plywood joiner that comes with the kit. Maybe I should do it anyway. What material did you use to make your new joiner? And why did you reduce the dihedral?

    Why did you choose to add flats rather than just add "flaperon" function to the ailerons? Some guys in my club said that I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    Would it be possible to have you email me a copy of the sketches that Hobby Lobby sent you? My email address is: doug.lock(at) where you replace the (at) with an @.

    I want to make mine resemble a Piper cub too so will cover it in yellow. I haven't started to build it yet - except in my mind mainly before I drift off to sleep.

    Thanks for all. Doug

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?


    I chose to put flaps to add additional functionailty, and I liked the look I was going for. I used poplar for the new joiners after making the "pockets" in between the main spars. The smaller joiner towards the back was scratch built. It meant hacking the ribs and re-enforcing the area differently. I've lifted each wing with the smallest joiner with no apparent stress (covering doesn't move).

    I reduced the dihedral as I was trying to get a little more responsiveness out of it (if that's possible), and for better inverted flying (when I attempt it). Not sure now much it will change the operation of the Telemaster, but I figured it can't hurt either way (bad or good).

    I've uploaded a couple of pictures of the wing building. I also included a picture of the finished fuselage and wings. I'm still working on some floats for it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wing-1.jpg   Wing-2.jpg   Telemaster.jpg  

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

    Dear Redinnc

    You do very nice work! Good job.

    I am still wondering if I should do flaps or flaperons. Do you know if a Telemaster set up with flaperons would perform differently than yours set up with flaps?

    Where did you get the plans (or kit) for the floats?

    Thanks, Doug

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?


    My apologies for not responding sooner. I've been on the road for work quite a bit and just don't think about looking at the forum.

    Anyhow, not sure how the difference will feel between flaps and flaperons. My expectation is that it would slow down a whole lot faster with flaperons since they are going to be the full aileron width. That's a lot of drag! I just wanted a more traditional implementation for slowing it down (in my mind anyway).

    The floats are a Great Planes kit for .60 size aircraft. I ordered them from Tower Hobbies ($65 I believe). I just finished manufacturing my own struts to accomodate a larger prop (16x10 or 18x12.5). Places the plane higher up and a wider stance. The struts that come with the kit would be well suited for a .60 glow with a 12 or 14 inch prop. I bent the 3/16" rod after making a jig on 1/4 plate steel and pre-bent flat steel welded to make a pattern for bending around. More work obviously, but what I wanted to do to ensure they were made accurately.

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

    I chatted with two old timer modelers. They tell me that if I use flaperons the plane may be more susceptible to tip stall with the flaperons extended than a plane that had flaps placed inboard on the wing. Also that when the flaperons are extended the one that is down cannot go any further down should I need the aileron to go down on that side. So I would have less aileron control at landing on a flaperon'ed plane when the flaperons are extended. It seems to me that those are two good reasons to use separate flats as you have done.

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

    I have been flying a Senior Telemaster for many years. I have found spoilerons to be satisfactory for eliminating lift for landing. Its such a great glider, landing can be challenging without some help. It wants to keep flying! I might be a bit overpowered as I am using a.65 glow engine.

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    Re: Flaps or Flaperons on Telemaster Sr?

    I plan to power the Telemaster Sr. with an electric motor and Lipo's, though I haven't chosen any of the components yet.

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